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”But I am the Doctor!”
“No, Doctor, I am the Doctor.”
“You may be a Doctor, but I am the Doctor. The definite article, you might say!”
--The Doctor and Harry Sullivan, ‘Robot’

Alright. So, at first glance, it seems that it’s just a very telling insight into the Doctor’s character—especially important as this is Tom Baker’s first episode. He doesn’t listen to authority, he’s incredibly arrogant, and he’s ungodly cheerful.

But. But.

‘The definite article, you might say.’

What’s a definite article? An article is a grammatical term for a word that, when used, indicates the type of reference made to a noun: A banana, or an orchestra.

A definite article refers to a specific noun. It’s not a banana, it’s the banana; it’s not an orchestra; it’s the orchestra.

He’s not a Doctor, he’s the Doctor.

How the fuck did I miss this; I’ve been quoting this for two and a half years.
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Why is Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 so fucking complicated?

Why do I always focus on creating an interesting character, instead of making somebody I can fucking play in the system?

Rokugan is easy. Deadlands is easy. Tales from the Wood is easy.

Fuck you, DnD 3.5


Re: Hobbit

May. 23rd, 2011 01:17 pm
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Dear Hobbit movie,

Are you trying to have the highest density of 'Graham's Favorite Actors' ever? Because you're doing a pretty good job of it.

First you had the returning fellows from Lord of the Rings, like the fantastic Ian McKellen. Then you decided to cast Martin Freeman as Bilbo, along with Sylvester McCoy as Radagast the Brown. And that was good.

And now you have Stephen Fry as the Master of Lake-town.

And now you have Benedict Cumberbatch as...somebody.


Keep up the good work,
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[livejournal.com profile] paladine recently posted a clip of one of his favorite moments of "cinematic joy." It's a pretty fantastic idea, so I lovingly steal from him. Behold, one of my favorite romantic moments in all of film:

The 'Define Dancing' scene from WALL-E remains, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful moments in animation. The music, the mood, the atmosphere--it's perfect. It's really just perfect. You can see the various relationships and loves starting: WALL-E and EVE's first kiss. The humans (Mary and John) meeting. The Captain re-discovering Earth, and his pursuit for more knowledge.

I'm sorry, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Up. This is my favorite Pixar movie, by far.
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Now that I’ve gotten over most of the post-convention buzz, it’s high time to write about it. Done in bits and pieces, of whatever I deem proper to organize it as.

Panels! )

Costuming and Cosplay )

Paul Cornell )

General Thoughts )

Books Bought: One
In-character Arguments Had: At least three.
Random Makeout Sessions: Zero
Dances Learned: One
Mottos for the Weekend: “Where the hell is my camera?” “Wait, you’re how old?”
Times the Master Photobombed Somebody: Too many to fucking count

Until Next Year!
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Okay, so, CONvergence? Was awesome. Awesome. I will be writing up a larger post about it over the next day or so, when I'm not jerking back and forth between tired, hungry, and mostly insane. Instead, I will say: I honestly ship the Doctor and the Master like the fucking Mayflower, and I very much want to play (or at least watch) cricket. Paul Cornell is an adorkable sweetheart, and I think the term 'Mary Sue' needs to die, quickly.


I also want to say that this was me. I was the Master. If any people who I befriended at CON (and I know you're out there!) see this, please post with a basic who you were. Names are good, how we met/cosplay you did is better.
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So, something that made me happy today:

A while ago, I found a really bitching song about Firefly using the main theme as a chorus. Today, I found some Youtube videos of a group performing it. Since I found it, I've been listening to it practically nonstop.

It put me in a major Firefly mood, so I set up a Mal journal. (Note: I'm a bit surprised that I got the name take_my_love on IJ. Very happy, though!) I made a general solicitation for some play in a big community, and went off to go a reading for class.

(The reading was great, by the way. A few authors who I wasn't so fond of during class read some fantastic stuff of theirs. Everybody really shined. A couple stories by certain redheaded artists had me in stitches. I also saw some influence from the play bleed into acting. It was kinda creepy).

When I came back, I had two replies. I got a third one soon after that, a forth one later, and a fifth as I started typing this livejournal entry up.

Every single one of them has been in character. As much as I bitch about RPing at times, it's things like this that make it all worthwhile.

(I do not have a Firefly icon? This must be remedied! Any suggestions as to who it'd be?)
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So, the costume for the Eleventh Doctor has been shown.  I had assumed that the black-on-black-on-black getup in the first pictures of Matt Smith would be the wardrobe, so I was a mite bit surprised.
Throwback to Two, perhaps? )
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For my birthday, the 'big present' was two tickets to the Phantom of the Opera--one for myself and one for whoever I wanted to take along.  I went with my good friend [livejournal.com profile] bessyboo .  Good times were had by all.

Phantom was the last of my 'big' shows that I needed to see.  That is, the last of the shows that I'm honest to god obsessed with--not just musicals I really like, but things that I lived and breathed for a while.  Things like Ragtime, or Wicked, or Les Miserables.  So it was both really cool to see it, and a bit odd.  What's to look forward to now, in my Broadway world?

In short, it was completely awesome.  Andrew Lloyd Webber isn't the best composer, I feel, but Phantom is one of his best jobs.  Sure, there are some dud parts (I can never, ever understand what anybody is saying in 'Prima Donna'), but for the most part?  It's a pretty damn good score.  The singing, all around was very good.  Orchestration was nice, the sound was good, etc etc.

In long? )

So, in brief:  Meg Giry is hot as hell and needs to crossdress more.  Raoul is finally likable.  The movie can go piss off.  Things were shiny shiny shiny.  Music was loud loud loud.  Andrew Lloyd Webber needs to learn how to do countermelody properly.  Watching Christine start to grow from a snivelling weakling to a strong woman was a treat.

And the actor who played the Phantom changed how I saw the character for good.

Doctor Who

May. 31st, 2009 01:22 pm
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So, now that the internet has (mostly) calmed down about the casting of twenty-six year old Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, here I am to bring everything up to the forefront once more.  Of course, there's some new things to chat about, such as the casting of twenty-one year old Karen Gillan as the Doctor's (currently unnamed) Companion.

Why do I bring up their ages?  Quite honestly, because bloody everybody does it.  Yes, Matt Smith is now the youngest actor to play the Doctor, beating Peter Davison by two years.  Yes, that surprised me, and I raised a skeptical eyebrow when I first heard the news.  However, I got over it quickly--and I'm not going to recite the same "Give them a chance, we haven't seen them perform" spiel that everybody else has done.

So, without further ado...

Illustrated Thoughts on Series Five )
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In the past twenty-four hours, I've realized that electronics really, really hate me.

1--Last night, I somehow managed to fry my mouse (cordless, but there's a plug-in receptor thingy) into a useless wire.  Which is a shame, because I had had it for...about a month and a half, or so?
2--About ten minutes ago, I saw that my cell phone had randomly run out of batteries, even though I had just charged.  Alright, fair enough
3--When I sat down to make this post, I realized that I was crushing my headphones.  Managed to fix them up, though, and they work fine.  I actually think that I've started to get over my 'randomly break headphones all the time' phase of my life.  I once had a pair that started to die on me six days after I bought them.
4--More of a long-term thing, but my iPod is physically falling apart.  The white strip on the top fell off, so now I can't lock it anymore--causing it to play if I bump against something with it in my pocket.  The bottom strip, then, is starting to bulge and suchlike.

Unrelated:  I'm apping for a journal-based panfandom RP as Elphaba Thropp.  I'm completely comfortable with my sexuality, why do you ask?


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