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New computer! Her name is Pepper, and she is very sleek and pretty, and she does whatever I need her to do, and she makes sure that I'm organized, and it's all so very nice.

(It's a Dell Inspiron for those who are actually interested).

Also, heads up for people: There's an up-and-coming tech support hotline-thing called iYogi. They've been getting a lot of attention lately for being able to solve 'any and all' problems that a computer has. In a fit of desperation (this was during my near-mental breakdown, look a few months back), I wound up purchasing a subscription to them. They're...well, I won't say that they're bad, I suppose, just super inconsistent. Like, one time, they got a virus off my computer easy as could be. A couple weeks ago, though, when I called them for help again? The virus returned the next day, and they had removed my antivirus software. So, all in all? Don't go with them. They're just not reliable enough.

But that's all in the past, 'cause I have a new computer and things are awesome and Shakespeare is cool and this computer doesn't have three/four years of shit on it. So that's cool. [/understatement]
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So, I turned twenty-one, finished the semester, and upgraded to a paid account on livejournal. Yay!

In celebration, I'm going to start a meme! Hopefully this will catch on. Maybe it won't. The meme is simple, you copy/paste the following questions and answer them.

What is your favorite thing to cook? How do you cook it? Are there any particularly interesting stories about cooking it--the first time, a large disaster, a great success?

There's a lot of foods I love making. My family's Alfredo sauce recipe is super easy and super delicious. I can make a mean baked brie, with cranberry sauce, roasted almonds, and a pastry shell. But overall, I'm going to have to go with my Jambalaya recipe.

Jambalaya: Damn Tasty )
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Now that I’ve gotten over most of the post-convention buzz, it’s high time to write about it. Done in bits and pieces, of whatever I deem proper to organize it as.

Panels! )

Costuming and Cosplay )

Paul Cornell )

General Thoughts )

Books Bought: One
In-character Arguments Had: At least three.
Random Makeout Sessions: Zero
Dances Learned: One
Mottos for the Weekend: “Where the hell is my camera?” “Wait, you’re how old?”
Times the Master Photobombed Somebody: Too many to fucking count

Until Next Year!

Fun Fact!

Oct. 4th, 2009 03:41 pm
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Whenever I feel homesick, or want to clear my head, or just feel like I need to do something, doing the dishes and organizing my dishes/foodstuffs makes me feel better.

Don't let my parents know; they'd never let me hear the end of it.

Round Two

Sep. 7th, 2009 01:58 pm
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Well, now that I've been back at campus for a couple of days, y'all get a smörgåsbord of thoughts and impressions concerning the sophomore year.

-Campus minus freshman?  Weird as all hell.  The first half a day or so was spent wandering around, feeling how empty everything was.  It's taking a bit of time to get everything filled up--people are still coming back from their orientation trips--but it's a bit more like 'home,' now.
-Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, have I missed 99% of the people up on Campus.  Friends, hallmates, faculty, everything.  But having five people I haven't seen in ages arrive within an hour?  Best day ever.
-There's a new addition to the group!  A transfer student, Lydia, got lucky enough to score a townhouse, and is living with Red and Shannon.  She's a pretty bitching with fabulously pink hair.  (I also really hope I'm spelling her name right).
-Drew's back, with the same six cases of chocolate protein drink-thing as last year.  How I have missed him so.
-Last night, most of us (Emily A., the Dude/His father, Rob/His mother, Red, Shannon, Lydia and I) went down to the Deepwater.  I snuck back and forth between the two tables...  And then Drew arrived with his family.  So that was awesome.  (They have a very tasty spinach/artichoke dip).
-If all goes well,  I'll be getting a job at the Information desk.  I have the application filled out, I just wish that they'd open it up so I could turn in the damn thing.  Just think of the money, Graham.  Just think of the money.

Stuff I need to do:
-Turn in job application
-Buy books for class
-Get books from home to loan to people
-Organize foodstuffs/kitchenstuffs
-Find posters, hang them up
-Find true love

EDIT:  Okay, I need to briefly summarize this incredibly epic Deadlands game that Rob hosted with me, Adam, and Jake.  I was playing a grifter/conman, Adam was a semi-senile prospector, and Jake was a cyrptozoologoy-obsessed student.  My character lost an arm, but Adam's prospector shoved a stick of dynamite up a wendigo's arse.  And blew it up.

Somehow, we all survived.

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For my birthday, the 'big present' was two tickets to the Phantom of the Opera--one for myself and one for whoever I wanted to take along.  I went with my good friend [livejournal.com profile] bessyboo .  Good times were had by all.

Phantom was the last of my 'big' shows that I needed to see.  That is, the last of the shows that I'm honest to god obsessed with--not just musicals I really like, but things that I lived and breathed for a while.  Things like Ragtime, or Wicked, or Les Miserables.  So it was both really cool to see it, and a bit odd.  What's to look forward to now, in my Broadway world?

In short, it was completely awesome.  Andrew Lloyd Webber isn't the best composer, I feel, but Phantom is one of his best jobs.  Sure, there are some dud parts (I can never, ever understand what anybody is saying in 'Prima Donna'), but for the most part?  It's a pretty damn good score.  The singing, all around was very good.  Orchestration was nice, the sound was good, etc etc.

In long? )

So, in brief:  Meg Giry is hot as hell and needs to crossdress more.  Raoul is finally likable.  The movie can go piss off.  Things were shiny shiny shiny.  Music was loud loud loud.  Andrew Lloyd Webber needs to learn how to do countermelody properly.  Watching Christine start to grow from a snivelling weakling to a strong woman was a treat.

And the actor who played the Phantom changed how I saw the character for good.


Apr. 29th, 2009 08:43 am
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Never before have I had a dream that I was so happy to wake up from.

It began innocently enough, I suppose.  I was back at an old favorite camp of mine, just running around and relaxing.  Before too long, though, it became apparent that I had a final soon that I hadn't studied for.  (I don't remember the subject--French, maybe?)  Anyway, I had to read two books (one of them a very bad version of Don Quixote) in a day or so.

And then it became clear that my sister was on trial in a sort of Roxie-Hart-Chicago-esque thing.  I remember that Billy Flynn (played by Richard Gere) was her lawyer, there was some lie about a divorce or somesuch...It was just extraordinarily bizarre.

Mom and I went to some small town in the mountains for...some reason, I dunno.  I was flying around, wound up talking to Chrstine Daae (Phantom of the Opera), and suchlike--not doing my readings, mind you.  Finally, I went up with my mom to the courtroom, to watch my sister's trial.  (There were a few random Northland students giving surveys here and there).

Around this time, my teeth began to fall out.  I eventually had to find a bathroom, and, most of my mouth in my hands, sit while my sister's fate was being decided.

And then I remembered that I didn't have my books.
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Tonight was an extraordinarily eventful night in an extremely calm and quiet way.

Last Friday was my annual lots-of-stress-small-things-pile-up-oh-god-oh-gaaaawd night. (For those curious, disappointing math scores, various idiots at mealtime, getting slapped, RP troubles, and Yoga at seven-thirty in the morning in a room without heating when it was almost twenty below). It was a bit stressful, really, and it cumilated in my incredibly rare cry--but after a phone call with a friend of mine (Shoutout to my true love, Lauren), I felt better. The problems weren't solved, but at least things got better.

When night came tonight, I was a bit restless. It was an uneventful day as a whole, the most memorable decision being whether or not I wanted to go to Yoga after a rather rotten night's sleep. (I did, and it was fortunatly in a heated room today). I was pretty exhausted after dinner due to no reason whatsoever, and had already decided to not go to Nightsounds (a sorta variety show my friends are in), audition for the one-act (with the added excuse that some of my classes are going to murder me), or a gaming session downstairs (but I don't like the guy hosting it, so whatever). I did wake up a bit, though--hence the restlessness. I had to do something or other, apart from just alternate between Super Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger.

I was already a bit dapper (I've taken to wearing vests and tucked-in shirts now and again), so I thought I'd just go the whole nine yards. I took out my awesome frock coat (the Prom attire for you St. Paul-ites) and, as my winter hat clashes with it, dust off (literally) my bowler. I figured that I'd run down to the Ponzio, grab some chocolate or a pastry or something, and head on back and make some cocoa while watching a movie on my laptop or something.

So, I got down to the place, and a couple of my friends were there. It was a nice surprise, as I thought they'd headed off to Nightsounds--so I opted to buy hot chocolate down there and tart it up, to spend some time chatting away. We're nestled away in a corner, and there are a couple tables of Hockey-playing jocks nearby. I ignore them, as one of their friends (who wasn't there) singles me out during mealtime to try to raise my blood. For whatever reason, I start to describe to my friends the difference between a dork, a nerd, and a geek. One of the jocks is looking over as I talk, clearly interested, and comes over once I'm finished to hear it from the start. I comply, and another guy comes over and sits down. I jokingly ask if anybody else wants to listen.

Cue everybody in earshot huddling around our corner to hear what this weird guy with the coat and hat had to say.

I wind up giving a five-ten minute lecture on the social ramifications of geeks, nerds, and dorks--differences, examples, similarities, etc etc. I finish, people applaud, and most everyone goes back to whatever they were doing. Three of the jocks, though, hang out with us, and we start talking. (Brandon, Stevie, and...I forgot the last guy's name).

Our conversation covered a variety of topics--life at Northland, our respective hometowns, the Mall of America, TV when we were younger. The best part, though, was that after the initial chit-chat about my lesson, he said that he knew the guy who kept on shouting at me during lunch/dinner and told me not to worry, that he was just a dick to everyone. My opinion of the guy I was talking to (Brandon) grew.

The talk cumilated with a tag-team explanation of my voice and various hearing recovery procedures. (My friend, Emily, has a younger brother with much the same situation). After that, the two groups (Brandon and his friends, me and my own) go our separate ways, before I headed back to my dorm.

So, tonight I had some rather delicious hot chocolate, gave an improvised speech on a theory of mine, unexpectedly met up with friends, made new friends, and let my preconceived stereotypes crumble the slightest bit. And I was in Nineteenth-century formalwear.

It was a damn good night.


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