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Why is Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 so fucking complicated?

Why do I always focus on creating an interesting character, instead of making somebody I can fucking play in the system?

Rokugan is easy. Deadlands is easy. Tales from the Wood is easy.

Fuck you, DnD 3.5

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New computer! Her name is Pepper, and she is very sleek and pretty, and she does whatever I need her to do, and she makes sure that I'm organized, and it's all so very nice.

(It's a Dell Inspiron for those who are actually interested).

Also, heads up for people: There's an up-and-coming tech support hotline-thing called iYogi. They've been getting a lot of attention lately for being able to solve 'any and all' problems that a computer has. In a fit of desperation (this was during my near-mental breakdown, look a few months back), I wound up purchasing a subscription to them. They're...well, I won't say that they're bad, I suppose, just super inconsistent. Like, one time, they got a virus off my computer easy as could be. A couple weeks ago, though, when I called them for help again? The virus returned the next day, and they had removed my antivirus software. So, all in all? Don't go with them. They're just not reliable enough.

But that's all in the past, 'cause I have a new computer and things are awesome and Shakespeare is cool and this computer doesn't have three/four years of shit on it. So that's cool. [/understatement]
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So, not only is my computer on the slow side to death (third fuckterrible virus this year; I'd be surprised it lived another two months), but my Kindle randomly died today. Like, the screen fucked up beyond recognition.


If anybody needs me, I'll be trying to reconfigure settings on my computer. Step one: Knowing what settings were changed, apart from 'this font is different' or 'these pictures won't load.' Step two: Finding out what to fucking do.

Step three: Buy a new computer.
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God dammit, why do I have to be so dammed candid?

So. As many of you know, I have a vast quantity of internet friends. (Y'all know this because, well half of you are said friends). I also really love getting to know people--online and offline. There are few things I like more than chatting away with some nifty person, particularly if they're into the same things I am. And especially if said 'thing' is RPing.

It'd just be really nice if I remembered that not everybody is like that.

The story's pretty simple, really. )
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So instead of having a long post about the semester in retrospect (Awesome with some really hard parts) and my general feelings towards half my friends graduating in a month (oh shit), we have... a post about a random pet peeve of mine. YAAAAAAY!

LOL. Ell oh ell. It's perhaps one of the most used and most known acronyms on the internet: Laughing out Loud. (Or, if you're my dad, Lots of Laughs). And y'know what? That's fine! Some things just really catch on. And, overrused as it may be, I've no objection to seeing it. I even succumb to the easy analogy now and again.

But. But. I use it when it's appropriate. When something is funny. When I would be, perhaps, laughing out loud.

I don't use it, say, like this.

Person A: Hello!
Person B: Hi.
Person A: How are you?
Person B: Good lol.

...What was funny about that? It was a basic question as to what your current status/general feelings are. There is no humor in it whatsoever.

The over-use of LOL, any sorts of laughter or 'happy' smiley faces really, really bugs me. And it's not just because it's annoying and out of place. But say, for instance, you're searching for RP. Say you shoot an idea to somebody. Saying "I don't like that idea" is a perfectly valid thing to say--perhaps a little bit blunt, yeah, but nothing too bad.

But saying "I don't like that idea lol" is different. To me, it means "you and your idea are so stupid/not interesting that it amuses me to even think about it." I mean, what? It's a bit mean, really, and I'm sick of seeing it.

So please, tell your friends. Tell your family. Raise awareness of LOL abuse.


Mar. 23rd, 2010 09:20 am
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Using livejournal properly helps to not make you look like an idiot. Especially on a ranting site.



Feb. 20th, 2010 12:11 am
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These pants are too big for me. They fall down a bit on my waist, and my legs vanish into them.

How the hell are they ripping at the knee?

Dammit, these are my last pair of black pants, too.
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Dear coworker:

Your shift is over. You can go now.

Additionally, you're not supposed to have friends behind the desk with you. We went over this at the meeting last fucking night.

Additionally additionally, I wouldn't be bitching as much if one of you gave me a dammed chair to sit in and take off my coat.

Also, you're taking the spell check on Microsoft Word for granted.

And finally? Finally? You didn't clock out during that time. You weren't working overtime, you were doing your homework. Bah.

No love,

(Semi-related: I need a facepalm icon. Alcohol just doesn't cut it).

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In the past twenty-four hours, I've realized that electronics really, really hate me.

1--Last night, I somehow managed to fry my mouse (cordless, but there's a plug-in receptor thingy) into a useless wire.  Which is a shame, because I had had it for...about a month and a half, or so?
2--About ten minutes ago, I saw that my cell phone had randomly run out of batteries, even though I had just charged.  Alright, fair enough
3--When I sat down to make this post, I realized that I was crushing my headphones.  Managed to fix them up, though, and they work fine.  I actually think that I've started to get over my 'randomly break headphones all the time' phase of my life.  I once had a pair that started to die on me six days after I bought them.
4--More of a long-term thing, but my iPod is physically falling apart.  The white strip on the top fell off, so now I can't lock it anymore--causing it to play if I bump against something with it in my pocket.  The bottom strip, then, is starting to bulge and suchlike.

Unrelated:  I'm apping for a journal-based panfandom RP as Elphaba Thropp.  I'm completely comfortable with my sexuality, why do you ask?


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