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Welcome to the study guide for These Days are Dark. [personal profile] bessyboo and I have been working on this vid for about nine months, and I really hope that you take something from it. We covered forty different events in the flashback sequence, and I wanted to have a companion post detailing the historical significance of what we covered, or at least a brief overview.

A couple of quick notes before I launch into history: as we were doing research and narrowing the field for what to include, we came up with three loose criteria for what to include:
1) The event in question had to be America-centric. (This meant no fall of the Berlin Wall, no VE or VJ Day, and that we tried to ensure any footage from contemporary marches were from the United States, and not more easily-accessible footage overseas).
2) We wanted to keep things on political movements and victories, as opposed to broader cultural discussions and changes. (We toyed with including footage from Woodstock, the beginnings of the counterculture movement, beatniks, and the like - but in the end, they weren't quite political enough).
3) Whenever possible, we wanted to focus on the movement and actions of everyday citizens, rather than the decrees and machinations of politicians. I admit that this isn't always reflected in the writeups below, especially with Supreme Court cases.

Thanks so much for watching, and again - keep fighting. We're all in this together.

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