May. 23rd, 2009 09:45 am
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Well, here we are.  After nine months of friends, schoolwork, drama, and even (gasp!) complicated love, I've reached the end of my Freshman year of college.  My dad'll be here to pick me up in a couple of hours, so all that's left to do is say goodbye to the last of my friends and wait.

It's been a good year.  No, actually--it's been a great year.  I've grown as a student (actually taking notes and staying organized!), as a friend (actually having a social life!), community member (participating in theatre) and person (somehow).  College has down all of the magical, mystical things that everybody said it would.

I don't know what I'm going to be up to this summer.  I had applied and interviewed for a job, but it didn't pan out--so it looks like I'll be sticking to a lot of volunteer work.  I do have a few personal projects dreamed up, though--writing a radio drama or two, working on an epic Doctor Who fanfic, and learning how to cook.

Drew's leaving.  He's checking out with our local RA right now.  I'm having to do the big official thing, once my dad gets here.  We'll be bunking again next year.  Why try and fix something when it's not broken, eh?

I've got to say goodbye to a lot of good people--Pan, Casie, Dan, Rich, Erika, and a few more.  It's just...I dunno.  A lot of them really helped me get situated and suchlike.  It's just damn weird.

Last night, I had a dream.

I was flying--this in itself is not an uncommon occurrence; I fly a lot during dreams.  But this time it was different.  I was visiting my old high school, and there were a lot of people I know around in the area--friends, old classmates, church members, etc.  I left the building and started to levitate, before I was full-out soaring above the school's grounds, doing loops and spins.  Everybody was cheering as I went by, waving if I dipped low to see them.  I finally touched down and chatted with a few people, who all gave me compliments about my flight.  I grinned, and the dream ended soon after.

I find this incredibly appropriate for today.


Apr. 29th, 2009 08:43 am
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Never before have I had a dream that I was so happy to wake up from.

It began innocently enough, I suppose.  I was back at an old favorite camp of mine, just running around and relaxing.  Before too long, though, it became apparent that I had a final soon that I hadn't studied for.  (I don't remember the subject--French, maybe?)  Anyway, I had to read two books (one of them a very bad version of Don Quixote) in a day or so.

And then it became clear that my sister was on trial in a sort of Roxie-Hart-Chicago-esque thing.  I remember that Billy Flynn (played by Richard Gere) was her lawyer, there was some lie about a divorce or somesuch...It was just extraordinarily bizarre.

Mom and I went to some small town in the mountains for...some reason, I dunno.  I was flying around, wound up talking to Chrstine Daae (Phantom of the Opera), and suchlike--not doing my readings, mind you.  Finally, I went up with my mom to the courtroom, to watch my sister's trial.  (There were a few random Northland students giving surveys here and there).

Around this time, my teeth began to fall out.  I eventually had to find a bathroom, and, most of my mouth in my hands, sit while my sister's fate was being decided.

And then I remembered that I didn't have my books.


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