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So, I turned twenty-one, finished the semester, and upgraded to a paid account on livejournal. Yay!

In celebration, I'm going to start a meme! Hopefully this will catch on. Maybe it won't. The meme is simple, you copy/paste the following questions and answer them.

What is your favorite thing to cook? How do you cook it? Are there any particularly interesting stories about cooking it--the first time, a large disaster, a great success?

There's a lot of foods I love making. My family's Alfredo sauce recipe is super easy and super delicious. I can make a mean baked brie, with cranberry sauce, roasted almonds, and a pastry shell. But overall, I'm going to have to go with my Jambalaya recipe.

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Morning, Livejournal!

I love waffles.  Who doesn’t?  They’re like all that’s good in the world of breakfast distilled down to one grid-covered pastry.  Frozen waffles, done up with peanut butter and jelly are one of the finest things in this world. In the past year up at Northland, I’ve developed quite a taste for waffles of the homemade variety.  It was a rare treat when I was growing up, (Dad was a pancake maker), and having them at least once a week only made it better.

So, I decided that for my foray into breakfast foods, I’ll start by this classic.  (Also, waffles are about the only thing I haven’t tried.  Pancakes I’ve done once or twice with friends, made French toast, and eggs are easy as hell).

Additionally, because we had the ingredients, I thought that I’d make blueberry waffles.  For my first time.  On a waffle iron that hadn’t been used in, most likely, several years.


(PS—I enjoy waffles, travel through time, try and be a hero [mostly], and am a shameless geek.  Tell me, flist.  Am I secretly Hiro Nakamura

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So, one of the things I'm trying to do this summer is polish up my cooking skills.  I'm not a bad cook, actually--I've learned a fair amount by just watching and helping my parents, and can make some things reasonably well.  Still, this is something you need experience to do, and what better time than summer, eh?

So, I've decided to try and post some things up on livejournal to detail this odd little journey I'm taking.  It might be a new recipe I'm trying, it might be something I'm making up as I go along.  I'll sum up the inspiration, process, and the result, as well as give a general 'yes/no' concerning whether or not the meal is worth it.  I very much appreciate feedback

And if nothing else, at least I'll actually use my journal.

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