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God dammit, why do I have to be so dammed candid?

So. As many of you know, I have a vast quantity of internet friends. (Y'all know this because, well half of you are said friends). I also really love getting to know people--online and offline. There are few things I like more than chatting away with some nifty person, particularly if they're into the same things I am. And especially if said 'thing' is RPing.

It'd just be really nice if I remembered that not everybody is like that.

The story's pretty simple, really. )
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It's snowing.

It's god damn fucking snowing.

In May. In May.

On a different note, I should watch the Francis Ford Coppola version of Dracula. There's projectile vomiting.
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Anybody know where I can find a decent collection of Celtic Mythology? Same question for Norse Mythology. Been randomly in the mood for such stories, and I've realized that those are the western cultures I know least about.
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So instead of having a long post about the semester in retrospect (Awesome with some really hard parts) and my general feelings towards half my friends graduating in a month (oh shit), we have... a post about a random pet peeve of mine. YAAAAAAY!

LOL. Ell oh ell. It's perhaps one of the most used and most known acronyms on the internet: Laughing out Loud. (Or, if you're my dad, Lots of Laughs). And y'know what? That's fine! Some things just really catch on. And, overrused as it may be, I've no objection to seeing it. I even succumb to the easy analogy now and again.

But. But. I use it when it's appropriate. When something is funny. When I would be, perhaps, laughing out loud.

I don't use it, say, like this.

Person A: Hello!
Person B: Hi.
Person A: How are you?
Person B: Good lol.

...What was funny about that? It was a basic question as to what your current status/general feelings are. There is no humor in it whatsoever.

The over-use of LOL, any sorts of laughter or 'happy' smiley faces really, really bugs me. And it's not just because it's annoying and out of place. But say, for instance, you're searching for RP. Say you shoot an idea to somebody. Saying "I don't like that idea" is a perfectly valid thing to say--perhaps a little bit blunt, yeah, but nothing too bad.

But saying "I don't like that idea lol" is different. To me, it means "you and your idea are so stupid/not interesting that it amuses me to even think about it." I mean, what? It's a bit mean, really, and I'm sick of seeing it.

So please, tell your friends. Tell your family. Raise awareness of LOL abuse.


Mar. 23rd, 2010 09:20 am
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Using livejournal properly helps to not make you look like an idiot. Especially on a ranting site.



Feb. 20th, 2010 12:11 am
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These pants are too big for me. They fall down a bit on my waist, and my legs vanish into them.

How the hell are they ripping at the knee?

Dammit, these are my last pair of black pants, too.
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This is what happens when I am bored, frustrated, and somewhat silly.

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Despite the fact that...
-I totally bombed a Biology quiz this morning
-I could barely pronounce a single vocab word in Biology, making me feel like an idiot
-My attention kept on wandering in Economics
-I accidentally switched the order for me and Adam's photography stuff
-My Wells Fargo account is dipping a bit low, so I need to wait until I get paid again to buy stuff
-We started doing homework for a topic Pre-Calc before going over said topic in lecture (wtf, Magomo)
-I've been slacking off in a few RPs, and haven't found the motivation to post in them, despite the fact that they're a lot of fun and the muns are awesome

...today was a pretty good day. I've got a few rolls of film for my camera, and I'm finally feeling like a photographer. Don brought some really delicious brownies to class today. Kelsey helped me study for a biology quiz tomorrow, and we made Pokemon references the entire time. I blasted the Indiana Jones theme for no real reason. And, perhaps most excellently, I made a donation to a Haiti Relief Fund.

It's the first monetary donation that I've made. Not 'I made it but my parents paid for it' or anything--I earned the money, I did the paperwork, and I used my cash. It wasn't all that much--twenty dollars--but it felt good.

Icon is totally unrelated. I just haven't used it in a while.
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Reply to this post and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then you must post the same in your journal.

No screening, because I will SHARE THE LOVE
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So, something that made me happy today:

A while ago, I found a really bitching song about Firefly using the main theme as a chorus. Today, I found some Youtube videos of a group performing it. Since I found it, I've been listening to it practically nonstop.

It put me in a major Firefly mood, so I set up a Mal journal. (Note: I'm a bit surprised that I got the name take_my_love on IJ. Very happy, though!) I made a general solicitation for some play in a big community, and went off to go a reading for class.

(The reading was great, by the way. A few authors who I wasn't so fond of during class read some fantastic stuff of theirs. Everybody really shined. A couple stories by certain redheaded artists had me in stitches. I also saw some influence from the play bleed into acting. It was kinda creepy).

When I came back, I had two replies. I got a third one soon after that, a forth one later, and a fifth as I started typing this livejournal entry up.

Every single one of them has been in character. As much as I bitch about RPing at times, it's things like this that make it all worthwhile.

(I do not have a Firefly icon? This must be remedied! Any suggestions as to who it'd be?)
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Dear coworker:

Your shift is over. You can go now.

Additionally, you're not supposed to have friends behind the desk with you. We went over this at the meeting last fucking night.

Additionally additionally, I wouldn't be bitching as much if one of you gave me a dammed chair to sit in and take off my coat.

Also, you're taking the spell check on Microsoft Word for granted.

And finally? Finally? You didn't clock out during that time. You weren't working overtime, you were doing your homework. Bah.

No love,

(Semi-related: I need a facepalm icon. Alcohol just doesn't cut it).

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Technically speaking, I'm a zombie. I got tagged while trying to go to rehearsal, and that's that. I'm one of the undead horde.

I also got reminded that I really, really don't like competition. I mean, playing Brawl with Rob/Adam/Red/The Gang is one thing, because we're just having fun. So is doing the occasional online thing with friends. Because, y'know, they're friends. Trying to have fun.

But when it comes to grander things, that aren't just with my immediate bunch of comrades? I tend to have significantly less fun. It's the reason I don't do tournament-based play in Pokemon, the reason I try to avoid online gaming, combat-based RPs, etc etc. Because to me, trying to get the better of some random bloke you don't know isn't entertaining. It's just frustrating. A lot of the time when playing a group game (scrabble or bowling in particular), the challenge doesn't come from playing the game--the challenge comes from finding a way to view it as solitaire. And, more importantly, staying with that view.

And this always happens, too--I always get excited about some game, go off to play it, and realize that I didn't really want to in the first place. Every time I go bowling, I have to reprimand myself later for going bowling.

So I quit. I knew that I'd just get more and more pissed off as the week went by, and take my anger out in increasingly unhealthy ways. (Already I snapped at a guy who did absolutely nothing. I had at least the sense to apologize and explain myself)

However, this doesn't make for a particularly interesting tale in-game. So here are the three versions of the story: Game lingo, out-of-game lingo, and Graham's Geeky lingo.

IN GAME: After slaying one of the undead horde, Graham succumbed to their madness near the Fenenga bridge. He also lost a par of socks in the progress. Not being a very good zombie, he died of starvation.
OUT OF GAME: Graham realized that he never particularly wanted to play in the first place, and quit after being turned, to provide the least effect on the rest of the players. He threw away his bandanna, and also lost a pair of socks.
GRAHAM'S VERSION: Graham died because of a zombie attacker. However, being a Time Lord, he was able to regenerate, slip into his TARDIS, and bugger off. He vows to come back later to save everybody he can. And to find the pair of socks he lost.


Oct. 26th, 2009 06:09 pm
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There is an uneasy silence over Northland College. The sight of students with weapons--mainly guns of some kind--is common enough, but still incredibly surreal. I try to avoid people whenever I can, reviving some long-suppressed instinct from Junior High. The things we do to survive are mad indeed.

From time to time, I see one of the undead, in their typical daze. I've recently received news that my good friend Emily has succumbed to their ranks. May God have mercy on her soul.

Going to and from rehearsal will be the most difficult nightly task I have. I've considered canceling them for the week, but decided against it. Culture is still important, even in the face of the apocalypse.

Especially in the face of the apocalypse.

Fun Fact!

Oct. 4th, 2009 03:41 pm
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Whenever I feel homesick, or want to clear my head, or just feel like I need to do something, doing the dishes and organizing my dishes/foodstuffs makes me feel better.

Don't let my parents know; they'd never let me hear the end of it.
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Despite any minor anxiousness about homework or directing.
Despite the fact that I miss home when I'm at college, and college when I'm at home.  (Ahoy there, conflict on where I belong!)
Despite one of my favorite hats not fitting me very well anymore

I'm incredibly happy at this point in time.  It's a very nice realization.

And to whomever's reading this (all thirty or so of my flist), I sincerely hope that you're feeling this way as well.  (And, if you aren't, I'm sure that you will soon).

PS:  Check this icon, made about half a year ago.  Black jacket, violet shirt.  I had many violet shirts at the time, but no black jacket.  Before I came back to college, I bought a black corduroy jacket.  And tonight I wore it with a violet shirt.  Did my icon predict the future?
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The Fourth Wall is producing 'The Butler Did It,' a comedic whodunnit within a whodunnit.

I'm directing.

Only good can come of this.

Round Two

Sep. 7th, 2009 01:58 pm
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Well, now that I've been back at campus for a couple of days, y'all get a smörgåsbord of thoughts and impressions concerning the sophomore year.

-Campus minus freshman?  Weird as all hell.  The first half a day or so was spent wandering around, feeling how empty everything was.  It's taking a bit of time to get everything filled up--people are still coming back from their orientation trips--but it's a bit more like 'home,' now.
-Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, have I missed 99% of the people up on Campus.  Friends, hallmates, faculty, everything.  But having five people I haven't seen in ages arrive within an hour?  Best day ever.
-There's a new addition to the group!  A transfer student, Lydia, got lucky enough to score a townhouse, and is living with Red and Shannon.  She's a pretty bitching with fabulously pink hair.  (I also really hope I'm spelling her name right).
-Drew's back, with the same six cases of chocolate protein drink-thing as last year.  How I have missed him so.
-Last night, most of us (Emily A., the Dude/His father, Rob/His mother, Red, Shannon, Lydia and I) went down to the Deepwater.  I snuck back and forth between the two tables...  And then Drew arrived with his family.  So that was awesome.  (They have a very tasty spinach/artichoke dip).
-If all goes well,  I'll be getting a job at the Information desk.  I have the application filled out, I just wish that they'd open it up so I could turn in the damn thing.  Just think of the money, Graham.  Just think of the money.

Stuff I need to do:
-Turn in job application
-Buy books for class
-Get books from home to loan to people
-Organize foodstuffs/kitchenstuffs
-Find posters, hang them up
-Find true love

EDIT:  Okay, I need to briefly summarize this incredibly epic Deadlands game that Rob hosted with me, Adam, and Jake.  I was playing a grifter/conman, Adam was a semi-senile prospector, and Jake was a cyrptozoologoy-obsessed student.  My character lost an arm, but Adam's prospector shoved a stick of dynamite up a wendigo's arse.  And blew it up.

Somehow, we all survived.

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I asked a friend of mine to help me find RPs on insanejournal.  She pointed me to a few communities and let me loose.

Quite possibly not the best idea in the world, as I already spend too much time looking for RP.

Journals I already have:  The Master (Doctor Who), the Eighth Doctor (Doctor Who), Elphaba (Wicked), Charlie Andrews (Heroes).
Journals I want to make:  Arthur Dent, Simon Tam, River Tam, Nymphadora Tonks, Adam Monroe, Parker.

Goodbye, free time!  Goodbye, time that I was planning on spending doing something constructive!

On a side note, 'Leverage?'  Is really good.  Take Ocean's Eleven, cut the cast in half, remove the smarm, replace 'Casinos' with 'Corporations and general assholedom,' and add a Robin Hood complex.

And Parker.  Hardison, too, but mainly Parker.

PS:  One day, I shall make a post about my life, instead of TV and the internet.  I just don't lead a terribly interesting life.
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So, the costume for the Eleventh Doctor has been shown.  I had assumed that the black-on-black-on-black getup in the first pictures of Matt Smith would be the wardrobe, so I was a mite bit surprised.
Throwback to Two, perhaps? )
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My Life According to Bruce Springsteen )

Anyway:  I start volunteering tomorrow at Springboard for the Arts.  I'll be just doing basic office work for a bit, until they start up an interviewing project that I'll focus on.  I'm looking forward to it.
Once a week, I'm doing office work for my mom.  I'm not looking forward to that so much, although money is nice.
I have Skype!
Purple continues to look good on me.
Grilled sandwiches are godly.

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