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Now and then, I get random RP ideas that, no matter how cracky or terrible/amazing they might be, I cannot let them pass by without notice or, better yet, realization. For a few weeks, I've had one such idea, and the other day I caved and made a journal for it: A female version of Sherlock Holmes. Made a journal, found appropriate icons (Sophia Myles--the woman has the best 'I am not amused by your bullshit' faces ever), wrote up a post of what I'm looking for/not looking for, and finally posted on a couple RP communities, ultimately going 'any takers?'

A couple days pass without any real takers. And on these communities, unfortunately, a couple days without a response pretty much means you're not gonna get anything.

So I was about to shrug and move on, hoping to find somebody with that offbeat interest, when I start to think about why people aren't interested in it. At the risk of sounding wangsty and emo, I have a fair amount of (pretty decent) ideas that never really get picked up. Now, a lot of them are due to an over-complicated world, or a very narrow sort of subject the storyline deals with. And that's fine; I'm sure that one day I'll find somebody with the same streak of madness that I have. But something tells me that this is different.

See, the character is a female Sherlock Holmes. Not a descendant, not an heir, not a copycat, the real deal. And it's... well, it's fucking Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Watson is one of the most popular slash pairings of all time, along with Kirk/Spock (with optional Bones). And, as slash is one of the predominant things RPed (at least in the circles I frequent), it sort of makes sense that making the relationship heterosexual might cause some RPers to lose interest.

But wait! Why not make Watson/Moriarty/whoever female as well? We can keep both the slashiness and the genderswapped. And hey, only thing hotter than two guys macking on each other is two girls macking on each other! Right? Right.

However, there's one thing that I haven't touched on yet. In a part of the previously mentioned 'what I'm looking for' post, I say that I'm planning on writing Holmes as virtually asexual--there's a small, small chance that she'll fall in love with somebody, but that I need to be convinced. And I will be damn picky.

So not only am I removing the boy-slash from the epic Holmes/Watson relationship, I am also (mostly) removing the romance between the two as well. To think, I want to focus on how the two get along, on the cases they solve, on the somewhat domestic arguments they have, as opposed to hurt/comfort and epic smut. The horror!

I'm just a bit... annoyed, I guess. Now, I have nothing against slash of any sort. I have nothing against smut of any sort. (Though I do have hesitations about playing an explicit scene between two guys, but that's mainly because of my personal hesitance to live an explicit scene between two guys). And I love, love, love romance. I'm one of the most foolish romantic hearts I know of.

But sometimes, I don't want to RP it. And, while I think that everybody should RP what they want to and I'm never going to bitch at people for RPing slash or smut or things based off of two characters having many babies, it would be grand if people wanting that didn't interfere with me getting what I want now and then.

(On a side note, the concept for the character was somewhat inspired by the BBC's recent 'Sherlock' miniseries, re-imagining the characters in modern-day London. It is very, very good, and I think I want an icon from it).
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